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Helen is the epitome of evolutionary perfection. She is stunning to look at, highly intelligent, and just about every gene in her body is selfish. She has concluded that Darwin’s theory gives humans carte blanche to behave exactly as their natures drive them. If there’s no God, there’s no recourse…provided you don’t get caught.


Ben is a Doctor who believes in serving others. When he loses his wife in an HIV drug trial his world is torn apart. Several months after her death, he makes a discovery that causes him to begin an investigation into the trial. As he digs deeper, he attracts the attention of a shady security company. They send Helen to make sure a deadly secret stays safe forever.


A game of cat and mouse ensues that takes Ben and Helen from Brighton to Africa, Europe and America. As their destinies become intractably entwined, both are forced to question their understanding of morality, and they must act quickly to avoid their confrontation evolving into a potential catastrophe.

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What others have said:

"This was a book I found very difficult to put down. A fast paced adrenaline packed storyline, laced with philosophical intrigue and discussion that presents many thought provoking questions. The many twists are surprising and gripping, and there are occasional laugh out loud sharp one liners. The best read I have had in a long time."  
Dr Simon Portsmouth

"I found this to be an outstandingly enjoyable and intelligent book with a well thought out plot and some excellent story lines. It held me riveted throughout with some very pleasing and unexpected twists and turns. Friends who I have recommended it too felt the same. A great read - you won't be disappointed. "
David Harland

"How many times have you bought a book that says it's a real page turner and all you end up doing is turning the corner of the page to put it down again? All I can say is this book truly delivers on all fronts. A great read with that rare combination of intellectual stimulation and fast-paced, roller coaster suspense that literally does keep you turning the page. One of those books that you say to yourself, "I'll finish this chapter and then go to bed, or do what I had planned" and then you realise you've blitzed through at least another two or three chapters beyond. Brilliantly plotted, meticulously researched and consummately executed! "
Paul Hatcher

'' A greatly readable book that takes the reader through many breath-holding twists. There is no lull in the edgy sequences that propel one to the final conclusion of this racy tale. It is much in the genre of John Grisham's novels with a morality thread adding tension to relationships. Enjoyable and well researched reflecting the author's knowledge of medical science.''
Rev Barry Kissell


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